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Mile 134 / Mud Dog / Trivial Pleasure

  • X-Ray Arcade 5036 S Packard Ave Cudahy, WI 53110 United States (map)

$10 Adv
$10 Door
All Ages

MILE 134
Mile 134 bring back the desolate sounds of 90s rock and filter it through the lens of modern metal, an amalgamation of dreary lyrical themes and punishing riffs that are so heavy you'll forget they're a two-piece. They'll be back in the studio this year working on a much-anticipated follow-up to their "The Hour: Part One" single released in 2018.

Mud Dog are hardcore locals and apparent experts on evolutionary biology. Their debut album "Survive" is a concept record about the first animal to walk on land, which is basically the coolest thing a hardcore band has ever done. It's like Bill Nye joined Gorilla Biscuits, and it's fucking awesome.

A skate punk band for the people so uncoordinated they couldn't ollie, but were still smart enough to know that riding a Razor scooter was far more shameful.