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Child Bite / Multicult / Microwaves / IfIHadAHifi

190316 Child Bite.jpg

$12 Adv
$12 Door
All Ages

CHILD BITE has been mangling underground rock sub-genres for a while now. Music for folks that recognize the names Patton, Yow and Biafra. The Detroit 4-piece come out of their deep winter song writing psychosis to see if their new tunes are ready for Steve Albini to capture precisely with zero emotional investment.

Pittsburgh’s MICROWAVES just put out an insane album on Three One G (Head Wound City, Dead Cross, The Locust, etc). Imagine Scratch Acid sneaking into the telepod with Voivod. Beefheartian clamor served up with cyborg precision, rumbling forth frenziedly as a DMT-dosed rhino.

MULTICULT (ex-Fight Amp) hail from Baltimore, MD. Reptilian Records put out their last LP & described it as “a legible, caustic assault, as tight and efficient as it is wild, sort of a Big Black meets Unsane skronk, boasting rhythmic chops rarely seen this side of a Jesus Lizard album.” Accurate!

Special guests IFIHADAHIFI kick it off!